Drawing on the popularity of the Tiny Tank, I decided that some folks might want wheels instead. I give you, Little Wheels.

The Little Wheels Robot is a great little bot for beginners and experienced robot builders alike. Simple, well designed and cute as a button, it is just a gosh darn good little bot. 

                                              More Info Here.

  • Laser Cut Acrylic Chassis
  • All hardware needed for assembly
  • 120:1 geared motors
  • Fancy-schmancy wheels
  • Arduino Nano and UnderShield Combo
  • Sharp distance sensor
  • Really awesome head that looks really cool
                       More information can be found at Rocket Brand Studios

Step 1: Getting Started

Let's get ready to get going.

Open up your kit and separate all the pieces/parts. The hardware baggies are divided into chassis, stand-offs and sensor bracket (head). I have found that these little screws have an amazing ability to jump off your desk --I suggest a muffin tin to hold them while you are working. 

You will need:
  • Soldering Iron and rosin core (flux core) solder
  • Little screw drivers
  • Needle nose pliers or tweezers
  • Wire strippers
  • X-acto knife

This is such a cool piece of Rocket Brand Studio engineering. Put a mind in it. Or a speaker and dictionary.. MAKE IT TALK AND EXPRESS IT'S FEELINGS!!! <br>Old Mechanic Productions chief 'Engineer'

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