Step 2: Assembly 1

Let's talk about the elephant in the room...

The acrylic can have a bit of a funky smell that you may notice when you open the package. This is simply what acrylic smells like when laser cut. The good news is the vast majority of the funky goodness is contained by the paper backing, not the acrylic itself. Peel off the protective paper, throw it away outside and the smell will go with it, promise. The tiny bit of odor left over will dissipate in a couple hours. 

We will start by prepping the motors.
  • Find (4) of the 6" jumper wires --don't use the red and black ones for this, use 4 of the assorted colors
  • Cut one end off of each jumper so each wire has a female connector and a bare (cut) end
  • Strip back the insulation from these wires about 3/8" (1-2 cm)
  • Find the (2) little brown capacitors and bend their legs outward so the are approx. the width of the contacts of each motor
  • Twist and solder one of the jumpers you prepared earlier to each leg of the capacitor
  • Finally, solder this capacitor/ jumper wires assembly to each motor (as shown in the picture below)

This is such a cool piece of Rocket Brand Studio engineering. Put a mind in it. Or a speaker and dictionary.. MAKE IT TALK AND EXPRESS IT'S FEELINGS!!! <br>Old Mechanic Productions chief 'Engineer'

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