Step 10: Assembly 9

Well, I think you may have done it! Good job.

At this point, you got yourself a robot. Now, all you gotta do is add some code. I am currently putting the finishing touches on some Tank-specific tutorials but the beauty of the arduino (or whatever motor controller you use) is the fact that the magical internets contain many, many tutorials. As a run-down, and highlights, here are a few things to have on your radar:
  • There is some example code included with this step
  • Run test code for each "sub-system" one at a time. Test the sharp sensor, servo, motors, etc before trying to "put them all together"
  • Center your servo (through code) before mounting the sensor bracket.
  • If the motors are not moving the correct direction, simply unplug one or both, flip the connector and plug it back in. This is much faster and easier than changing a lot of code.
  • There are some more tutorials available here. Although for a different robot, they cover a lot of basic stuff, will translate well to what you are doing and include video walk-thoroughs of the code.
  • Don't forget the Arduino Page
  • Don't hesitate to shoot me an email --Can be found through the "contact" link at Rocket Brand Studios
Word up.
<p>where do i get the kit?</p>
<p>Excelente trabajo, mucha precision. Podrian subir el archivo de impresion, para hacerlo el corte en laser.</p>

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