Step 10: Assembly 8

Put 'er together

I think at this point you should be able to figure out how to get this guy together...

Stick the tabs in the sockets, tuck your wires in and stick the top on. The back plate (with the pots and the buttons) is just a wee bit taller than the main stand offs. When you tighten on the top plate, the back plate will be held snug. 

You may also want to take a quick look into the rectangular hole in the back plate. This is the access port that allows you to get your FTDI board or cable into the FetaDuino to program it. It is quite likely that some of your jumper wires are in the way of this hole. With some kinda sticky-thing, encourage these wires to get out of the way.

More info:

Rocket Brand Studios 
Link to Zip File of Examples
Easy Transfer Library

Hey thanks everybody. This one was a long-time commin'. I appreciate the kind words.<br><br>I think I may do a small one without a screen, I would love to see if I could do a proper remote for less than 35 or 40 bucks. I have been playing with AAA-size 3.6v lipos for a while now, maybe I should try stuffing one of those and an atmega168 into some kinda little case? Hmmm.. Gosh darnit! Now I'm thinkin'.... (This &quot;thinking&quot; thing has been problematic in the past)
Awesome kit! Love the Video :)
I love it!!!
o my god))) i think this good things!!!!

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