Rocket Car Lab that our class did in Honors Physics!

1. Any Hot Wheels Car(watch the weight- not to light and not to heavy)
2. Model Rocket Engine(Preferably C6-5)(The C6-5 will give it more speed)(Also will need the butt plug and igniter which should come with the kit)(whatever you do, do not use a "E" motor there will be to much force)
3. Pen Tube or Straw or the little Tube in the Mechanical Pencils
4. A wooden plank with a distance of about 20' long and preferably a 2 x 4
5. 2 L Brackets
6. A wire to hook up on the track(the thicker the better, but not to thick)
7. Car Battery
8. and mini jumper cables
9. Common Household Items( ex. hammer, glue gun, drill, etc.)

Step 1: First the Track:

1. Your going to need the 20' 2 x 4( which you could find at any home improvement store)
2. Take 1 L Bracket and put it at one end and drill the screws where they need to go.( Picture might help)
3. Do the same with the other bracket at the other end.
4. Now for this step you can do it before you screw the brackets on or after, but your going to drill two extra holes on the left and right side of the brackets about half way for both brackets.
5. Now you take the wire and you tie it through the holes at the end of the board pretty tight but do not tie them at the front cause we will get to that later.

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