Rocket Skateboard





Introduction: Rocket Skateboard

This is a rocket skateboard I've been working on for the past several years. It has an automatic extinguishing system that works in conjunction with a hand held kill switch so it can't become a hazard. The fuel is easy to make and inexpensive. I put a book together on how to make it, step by step. It's too long for an Instructable but available online. This project was tons of fun!



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    Anyone who condemns another person to misery for the sake of their ego is not only wrong, but they themselves WILL BE condemned to die alone with one hand in their pocket.....ROR fbbc :)

    It's the sugar that makes it so sweet. :)

    I wonder what your neighbors think of you...

    They were probably like Oh my gosh!!! He's gonna break his neck!!! Then after a while they probably started to just think nothing of it. Or that's how my neighbors are now when my dad and I do crazy chemistry stuff in the driveway :)


    Dan's book is a great read, and indeed it is not applicable as it is "WAY TOO BIG" for an "able".

    The book is worth it just to see the work Dan put into the motor and fuel and how he stresses the safe handling of the components.

    So many "ables" through caution to the wind.....When you are basically standing on a rocket, that isn't a (healthy) option.

    Dan also covers the legalities and other aspects of the construction and use of the "rocket board".

    I highly recommend the book.  Thanks Dan for writing it.

    In addition, it is a good inspiration for those of us considering writing a book.

    Buy the thing and learn something interesting! The book answers most if not all of the questions posed here.


    its not 'able' its an ible ! people dont know ,,anything,,