Rocket Stove Mass Heater With Soap Stone Tiles





Introduction: Rocket Stove Mass Heater With Soap Stone Tiles

testing out a new rocket stove design!!

Step 1: First I Start With Welding Corner Profiles(30mmx30mmx3mm) on the Baseplate (500mmx500mmx5mm)

Step 2: Now I Can Place the Tiles(300mmx300mmx13mm) and Weld the Outer Corner Profiles

Step 3: Now I Have to Leave 2 Spaces Open for the Stove and the Outlet

Step 4: Putting a Tube (150mmx150mmx5) in the Hole to See How I Should Cut It Off

Step 5: The Angle Is 37dgr. So I Cut a Round Tube(dia. 100mmx4mm) 600 Mm Long

Step 6: I'm Lucky, the Stove Is Barely Fits Trough the Hole..but in the End All Is Good..

Step 7: Glue the Fire Cord

Step 8: Fill the Corners With Heatresistant Silicone

Step 9: Making the Chimney Connection

Step 10: Isolating the Chimney for Optimal Burning Temperature..

Step 11: Sprayed Everything in Fireproof Black and Mounted the Stove and Outlet..

Step 12: A Half Hour After I Lit the Fire, the Stove Was at No Place Touchable Anymore

Step 13: So, This Stove Had Burnt Four Hours Red Hot and It Didn't Budge or Break So I Think This Design Is Great, Next Thing I'm Going to Build Is a Similar Type But With an Oven and Also a Saunaheater, Will Be Interesting!!

Step 14:

changing the burner head into a vertically closed one, this gives me the advantage of not having an open fire(safety) and the wood feeds itself so less work..

it burns a lot better to, like a campfire becaus air can flow easely between the wood...

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    Any update on how this project has been since you made it?
    Any further changes or issues you have since faced?

    It looks great! Let us know how it results!!

    Looks very good. I'm now salivating as I wait for the finish.

    Looking good so far.