testing out a new rocket stove design!!

Step 1: First I Start With Welding Corner Profiles(30mmx30mmx3mm) on the Baseplate (500mmx500mmx5mm)

Step 2: Now I Can Place the Tiles(300mmx300mmx13mm) and Weld the Outer Corner Profiles

Step 3: Now I Have to Leave 2 Spaces Open for the Stove and the Outlet

Step 4: Putting a Tube (150mmx150mmx5) in the Hole to See How I Should Cut It Off

Step 5: The Angle Is 37dgr. So I Cut a Round Tube(dia. 100mmx4mm) 600 Mm Long

Step 6: I'm Lucky, the Stove Is Barely Fits Trough the Hole..but in the End All Is Good..

Step 7: Glue the Fire Cord

Step 8: Fill the Corners With Heatresistant Silicone

Step 9: Making the Chimney Connection

Step 10: Isolating the Chimney for Optimal Burning Temperature..

Step 11: Sprayed Everything in Fireproof Black and Mounted the Stove and Outlet..

Step 12: A Half Hour After I Lit the Fire, the Stove Was at No Place Touchable Anymore

Step 13: So, This Stove Had Burnt Four Hours Red Hot and It Didn't Budge or Break So I Think This Design Is Great, Next Thing I'm Going to Build Is a Similar Type But With an Oven and Also a Saunaheater, Will Be Interesting!!

<p>hello instructablers!</p><p>i am about to start building a rocket stove. I am loking for information on how long does it take for the wood to get burned, but i cannot find anything. I know that it depends on the kind of wood i will use, on the dimentions of the opening that the air is sucked from,on how big is the stove., etc</p><p>I need to know aproximately how often your oven need to be refilled with an average hard wood. I would like to heat a space with that system but i would like to do other things at the same time and not have in mind of the stove to be refilled too often.. Does anyone have an idea aproximately about those times?</p>
<p>well, with the 30&deg; intake it need's constant attention, </p><p>the wood won't shove on it's own and it's nessesary for a good burn </p><p>that it's Always packed under the chimney so i'm poking the sticks al the time</p><p>but i like that beiing busy with the fire, if you don't want that you schould make </p><p>a vertical intake for the wood so its shoving on it's own, that's wat i'm gonna try next for my sauna model but you will have to make it a closed system with a hatch because if air can pass trough the wood the fire can climb up and burn al the wood at once</p><p>this is my first model with open intake so at a time the fire started climbing up and burned all the wood at once, luckely this was outside ..</p><p>i think it could burn for a half hour like this for answering your question...</p>
<p>i agree that this the best system to let them slide by theirselves inside the stove. i have seen other system that the intake is not vertical but inclinated. It could be that by placing them verticaly you have a guaranteed slide but they may get burned waay too fast.<br>It would be intresting though to see a system that has an adjustable intake.. so according to how fast you want to produce heat, you will be adjusting the inclination. Vertical will be maximume intake rate</p>
<p>my new sauna model has a complete closed vertical system with adjustable air intake,all the fresh air is preheated and burning rate can be set by air intake, i'm pretty satisfied with this model..</p>
<p>Hello folks, I'm a newby here...</p><p>I have just read this wonderful article, but I think that the rise pipe may be a bit small....:-( I am reading quite a lot about these stoves and the area shouldn't reduce according to those that know more than me.</p><p>Must say,though, It looks wicked! I don't have the equipment for this or the skills :-)</p>
<p>how do you mean small, the diameter?<br>can you send me some tips of what you're reading, i would like to take a look at them..</p>
<p>It looks great! Let us know how it results!!</p>
<p>Looks very good. I'm now salivating as I wait for the finish.</p>
<p>Looking good so far.</p>

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