Step 4: Installation et peinture

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David Trees2 years ago
How is the paint lasting? What kind of paint is it. Is it a specific heat resistant metal paint?

The Rocket Mass heater tends to burn really hot I believe.

This project is a really nicely built one. I like your attention to detail a lot. Thank you for taking the time to do this, especially the drawings etc..

I hope you home and workshop area is toasty warm now.

Your english is fine too. We get it... LOL... It's better than my French I can promise you that...
Seniortrader (author)  David Trees2 years ago
Hy David, Thank you!

This is a high heat bbq and stove paint, It still look fine ..( i forgot to light the stove outside the first time, can you imagine the smoke in my garage) The heat is great, I mostly use the gravity pellet burner and keep it at the minimum burning rate ...


The size of the square pipe is it 4" ? also the clamp what is it for? i really like this project.............

Thanks Rick
Lowriderpr2 years ago
Nice Job!
Seniortrader (author) 3 years ago
Final install, the insulation in the wall is Roxul, rock wole. This stove works great with very little wood. Winter is juste about to begin and i will have all the heat i need to make more instructables for ya!!! Thank's for reading and excuse my english....