Picture of Rocket Stove Mass Heater
Le combustible est exposé à une chaleur très intense.  La chaleur augmente dans la cheminée interne isolée ce qui complète la combustion.  Lorsque le rocket atteint sa chaleur normal de fonctionnement, il n'y a pas de fumée qui s'échappe de la cheminée.  J'ai profité de l'expertise d'autres constructeurs de rocket stove sur internet pour proposer ce modèle que j'ai personnalisé à quelques points.
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Step 1: Récupérer un chauffe eau et le séparer en deux parties

Picture of Récupérer un chauffe eau et le séparer en deux parties
In the shop 119.JPG
In the shop 125.JPG
In the shop 130.JPG

Step 2: En forme de J, c'est le principe du Rocket Stove

Step 3: Au tour de l'isolation

Picture of Au tour de l'isolation

Step 4: Installation et peinture

Picture of Installation et peinture
David Trees2 years ago
How is the paint lasting? What kind of paint is it. Is it a specific heat resistant metal paint?

The Rocket Mass heater tends to burn really hot I believe.

This project is a really nicely built one. I like your attention to detail a lot. Thank you for taking the time to do this, especially the drawings etc..

I hope you home and workshop area is toasty warm now.

Your english is fine too. We get it... LOL... It's better than my French I can promise you that...
Seniortrader (author)  David Trees2 years ago
Hy David, Thank you!

This is a high heat bbq and stove paint, It still look fine ..( i forgot to light the stove outside the first time, can you imagine the smoke in my garage) The heat is great, I mostly use the gravity pellet burner and keep it at the minimum burning rate ...


The size of the square pipe is it 4" ? also the clamp what is it for? i really like this project.............

Thanks Rick
Lowriderpr2 years ago
Nice Job!
Seniortrader (author) 3 years ago
Final install, the insulation in the wall is Roxul, rock wole. This stove works great with very little wood. Winter is juste about to begin and i will have all the heat i need to make more instructables for ya!!! Thank's for reading and excuse my english....