Introduction: Easy Pocket Rocket

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I'm taking part in "things that fly challenge"please vote for me if you like the instructable .It is very easy to make and does not require difficult to use the name of tools I've used only scissors

Step 1: Material Required

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  1. A4 size sheet
  2. paper towel
  3. fizz tablets(i"ve used disprin)
  4. any powder used for digestion( I've used eno)
  5. glue
  6. brush
  7. paints
  8. film canisters
  9. plastic tape
  10. dressing tape
  11. siccors

Step 2: Making the Rocket Body

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cut a semi circle.make a cone glue it on the back of the cut a strip of size of rocket body and paste it with the glue

Step 3: Adding Fins

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for fins stick together two parts of the tape cut out the shape and paste it with help of cello tape

Step 4: Color the Body

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the tip of the rocket could be damaged while painting

Step 5: Making the Fuel Packet

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First take the small square piece of paper towel and put eno and the fizz tablets.brake it into 2 parts.Wrap it properly.

Step 6: Flight Time

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Now pour some water in it.Put the fuel packet and put it in the canister and immediately after this put the lid on it.Place it with its nose up.

Step 7: Working

Enjoy the Vedio


amberrayh (author)2015-06-03

This is cool. Thanks for sharing!

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