Make graphics decals for your rocket with simple things.
You need a laser printer, packing tape, and a couple of minutes.
This will not work with ink jets, only thermal toner, or indelible ink based products.

Step 1: Make Some Designs and Print Them !

Print your decal the way you want it to appear . 
The white (paper) is removed later so it is clear.
I have found that the worst quality paper makes the best decals.
This only works with  thermal - non water soluble printers like a laser printer.
Most copy machines use thermal ink.
I am looking for this all day. It's really nice way to make some decals in your way. At last it'll be very helpful if u know somthing about water-slide decals. I'll be bery thankful if you help me out.
<p>The first time I looked it over and I thought I'd need some weird paper along with chemicals. Now that I've read it fully I feel dumb for missing how simple it is. I must see if my school printers work for this.</p>
that's really cool. i might give this in a go sometime.
Neat trick to make decals, I'll have to remember this

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