This project was so fun to make and very rewarding to wear to costume parties. It takes some patience, I worked on it an hour or two at a time for the two weeks coming up to Halloween.

In order to complete this task you will need several craft tools:
Razor blade/exacto knife
Masking tape
Duct tape
Superglue (a lot of it)
Black, silver, and gold spray paint.

You will also need some materials:
2 2liter bottles
A cardboard cereal box
A large Eggos box
Straps from a backpack or purse
Small plastic pieces for decoration (you can find cool plastic shapes for cheap at home depot)
A small compass

Step 1: Building Basic Shapes

So for Halloween i wanted to be the Rocketeer but it is nearly impossible to find a decent looking jetpack. That is why I decided to build one myself.

Step 1: Getting the basic shapes.
I bought the largest two liter bottles I could find. Emptied them, washed them out, and cut them in half horizontally.

I cut up a cereal box and used tape and superglue to attach the two large panels and extend the length of the 2 liter bottles.

I traced a large bowl on two pieces of cardboard and cut out the circles. I then cut the radius to the center and folded them to make cones. Cut off just the tops of the two liters and you can super glue the cones in their place. You now have two rockets.

I used a small sunglasses box to space the two rockets. Wait to superglue these pieces until you paint the base of the rockets black (See step3).

When you glue the rockets to the box, glue them to the back length of the box. This will be important for when you want to add the shoulder straps. The box is what you will attach the straps to so you do not want to have it completely covered (See step 4).

I superglued an empty scope bottle on top of the box. You will need to cut off some of the back corners of the scope bottle so that it sits flat enough between the rockets to glue to the box.
Have you <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Rocketeer-Rocket-Pack-from-Trash/">seen the version I did last year</a>?
I can't believe you made that out of two bottles! Very awesome!
THREE bottles

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