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Who needs Howard Hughes or Peevy when you can build your own Rocketeer rocket pack from little more than the contents of your recycling bin?

Step 1: What you'll need

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I was able to find everything I needed lying around the house, but if you don’t have a large stock of craft supplies you might need to pick up a few items.

From your recycling bin:
• two 2L pop bottles (I used Coke Zero)
• mouth was bottle
• two shampoo or conditioner bottles (plastic deodorant containers may work too)
• round plastic dip or spread container
• thin cardboard from cereal boxes or something similar
• paper towel tube

From the thrift store or the back of your closet:
• old purse with brown faux-leather straps

From the craft store, hardware store or your supply cabinet:
• scissors and x-acto knife
• glue gun and glue sticks
• white glue
• masking tape
• wire
• spray primer
• spackling paste
• silver spray paint
• craft paint in bronze, pewter and black
• paint brushes

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techsean4 years ago
That is a great build. I'm going to put it on my list of thngs to do. Well done!
Nice job!
xana4 years ago
steam punk rocks.
weareswift4 years ago
That is awesome. Now we just need the helmet.
timmy014 years ago
absolutely badass!!!!!! ......love it.
SWV17874 years ago
I went as the Rocketeer once for Halloween when I was a kid and I made the rocket pack out of 2L soda bottles and papermache' Th helmet was however the best part I used an old motorcycle helmet, a tinted face shield, and wood to make the fin. Masked off the eye holes and vertical slits for the mouth and sprayed the whole thing gold.
JamesN4 years ago
My mom made me a Rocketeer costume Halloween way back when I was in 4th grade.

She used 2L bottles for the pack as well.
Shadow13!4 years ago
I love that movie and that is an Ingenious idea.
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