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Introduction: Rockin' Guac

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Rockin' Guac

By AcidBass

2 avocados (preferably large hass avocados)

1 14oz drained can of Ro-Tel tomatoes

1 lime (or lemon)

Cilantro (as much as you want)

Add for extra spice

1/2 jalapeno


Collect all the ingredients along with a cutting board, medium sized metal mixing bowl, potato masher (if you don't have one that is okay a fork will work just as good anything that can make avocado slice's into paste.)and a sharp knife. . .

Step 1: Step 1

Have a clean area before you start your guacamole dish

Step 2: Step 2

Cut each of the avocados in half and remove the pits. Scrape out the flesh of the avocado from the skin and place in the bowl

Step 3: Step 3

Drain the can of Ro-Tel and add to the bowl. If you want to you can also add onions for a zing!

Step 4: Step 4

Mash the avocado and tomato mix until it is a chunky paste. Add the chopped cilantro(leaves only) and the lime juice (for the lime juice you can use the whole lime). I use lemon juice if I don't have limes it works the same.

Step 5: Rockin Guac

Mix this concoction all together until well blended. Cool for 15 minutes and enjoy with your favorite tortilla chips!!!!!! As my little brother is doing.



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    Is good but we have the same problem than before: Don't use jalapeño!!! And if you want a really Mexican Guacamole, try to get a "molcajete" and make the Guacamole on it. It will look better. And you can try your Guacamole in a Taco, just roast a steak, slice it, put it in a tortilla (corn or wheat), add lemon juice, chopped onion, cilantro and of course guacamole, it will taste superb!

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    That's an awesome first Ible, but they are reguired to have a picture or two, like everything not yet mixed, stuff getting chopped, then it all done. Don't worry though... My first instructable was much worse...

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    hey kent you should check out my ibles when you get a chance

    Mucho much worse....

    Words alone cant even DESCRIBE how terrible it was....

    i get it but yes i should get pics of it

    I oopsed you - I was thinking of senior (as in senior citizen). The Spanish word is senor - and like you, I can't do the squiggly thing on top. :)

    If I may help, it is spelled Senior. Good try though.

    Before i made the knex gun, i made my alcohol bottle rocket, cept it was one step and instead of pics i drew it in MS paint.... LOL

    If anyone has any questions don't be afraid to ask me!!

    I think it looks good, but the Ibles Admin thinks not... Spread out the chopping and mizing over a few steps methinks....

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    i have and i can't delete his comment

    i have to rewrite it then but i guess thats ok but that is unusual for a recipe