This is my first Instructable.  I am happy that my timing will coincide with the entry deadline for the Game.Life 2 Challenge! I have tried to make instructables before, but it seems like halfway through my projects, I stop taking pictures. The same thing happened here, but I tried to go back and get more pictures as I corrected mistakes. I will be using the same picture in different ways for multiple steps in some cases. Sometimes, the picture may be of a more completed project than the step represents. Please bear with me, and i promise I'll try to take more pictures next time.  I have drawn inspiration from several instructables, and I try to give credit where it is due. I hope everyone enjoys this project as much as I did! 

I got Rocksmith as a gift a few months ago, and I immediately loved the game. The only problem that I found was that it required a controller for navigation. This was awkward for a few reasons. I disliked having to pick up and put down the controller to do every little thing in the game, like pause, restart, and especially to select my pedal presets. Guitarists use stompboxes and pedals to control their effects with their feet, which leaves their hands free to play the guitar. This controller is an attempt to copy that funtionality. You can select preset pedal effects in the game by pressing X,Y,or B during a song (the A button resets the pedal to the song's original pedal). This is a cool feature. Cool, but hard to negotiate while trying to play guitar. I tried to see if there were any premade solutions out there. There were none that I could find.

I started planning.

Step 1: Tools and Supplies

This is what I used, and in some cases, what I WISH I had used.

18"x12" 22ga plain steel ($8 home depot)
Approx 3' of 1x6 Maple (Home Depot, leftover from another project)
DJ hero controller (just the fader portion, not the turntable part)
7 Suzo Happ Arcade Buttons
1 LED lit arcade Button
6' or so solid core cat5 cable
Drywall screws
5 rubber feet (they are secured by the screws)

Eye Protection!
Ear Protection!
Dremel Tool
Shop-made bending brake (more on this later)
Step Drill (UniBit style)
Pilot hole/countersink bits as required
Drill press(I wish I had)
Center punch
Soldering Iron
Helping hands (soldering stand)
Angle Grinder
Awesome project. I love Rocksmith, but having to keep a controller nearby is a drag. It dawned on me that the obvious answer is to make a pedal controller. Nice job! <br>I never considered using a DJ Hero controller. Our local used shop has them for $12 - I'll have to get one ASAP.
Hey, great Ible'. I know how you feel about forgetting pictures. When you are into the build...you are INTO THE BUILD! <br> <br>I was wondering if you might have some light to shed on a question I recently asked. <br>Here is the link. Thanks in advance! <br> <br> www.instructables.com/answers/GUITAR-HERO-CONTROLLER-MOD-IDEA-ELECTRONICS-QUEST/

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