Step 9: What I Would Do Differently

1. Preplan the holes and bends of the sheet metal more thouroghly.

2. Use a drillpress, clamps, and step drill to drill the large holes. the step drill is pretty picky about angle, and will catch and spin your work. I was beaten and bruised after putting the holes in my sheet metal.

3. Used a lower wattage soldering iron. I like to work hot, but didn't need the heat for such a delicate project.

4. Paced myself, despite my excitement about the project. I couldn't wait to be done, and as a result, there are little things I wish I did that I didn't do (taking pictures, clearcoating after texturing the steel.)

5.Consider changing the control scheme. I used Up and down for menu navigation. This seemed the best choice, but the pause menu doesn't work for me without another controller. I can pause, but cannot restart or "end now" mid song. the tradeoff would be possibly losing the ability to turn the console or controller off from the controller (from the guide menu). Perhaps a mix of Up and Right would work better.  I didn't want all 4 directional buttons on my controller. This is my big comprimise.

6. Use a terminal strip between the brain board and the buttons. The soldered joints at the board are not heavy duty, and I worry that flexing will break the solid core wiring eventually.
Awesome project. I love Rocksmith, but having to keep a controller nearby is a drag. It dawned on me that the obvious answer is to make a pedal controller. Nice job! <br>I never considered using a DJ Hero controller. Our local used shop has them for $12 - I'll have to get one ASAP.
Hey, great Ible'. I know how you feel about forgetting pictures. When you are into the build...you are INTO THE BUILD! <br> <br>I was wondering if you might have some light to shed on a question I recently asked. <br>Here is the link. Thanks in advance! <br> <br> www.instructables.com/answers/GUITAR-HERO-CONTROLLER-MOD-IDEA-ELECTRONICS-QUEST/

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