No respect. No respect at all.  Why do the California Raisins get the spotlight?
Yes, this is the fig. The other fruit.

Make a fig puppet to get in on the act and have those other guys do the opening song and dance.

Step 1: A scrappy character...

You just need some fleecey material to make your puppet.  Go a little bit further and you can make a fig plushie. 

For this instructable I only had time enough after dinner to create the puppet head.  I was going to add arms, hands (4-fingers - all puppets have only 3 or 4 fingers, something about the rules of cartooning), legs and oversized footwear.

You can use some white felt scraps or material for the eyes.  I used two ping pong balls that I drew the pupils on with a permanent marker.

The whole thing can be hand sewn but I use my serger and sewing machine to prototype.

This puppet was created on the fly so you might note some imperfect seams and such.

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