Introduction: Rocket Stove and BBQ

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Simple rocket stove made from junk and easily convertible in a BBQ

Step 1:

Step 2: The Idea "making a Rocket Stove Simple Cheap Convertible in a BBQ"

Picture of The Idea "making a Rocket Stove Simple Cheap Convertible in a BBQ"

cheap material from junk

rocket stove with wood gasification

Step 3: Make a Prototype

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make a prototype to try:

Step 4: Make the Stove

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I use some barrel 316 AISI inox (acetone tank)
a black iron L pipe
a disk Break

Step 5: Insulate the Stove

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The stove must be insulated to reach high temperature needed to wood pyrolysis

Step 6: First Lightening

Picture of First Lightening

The first lightening ..... It work!

Step 7: More

Picture of More

It work using a "poor fuel" the temperature are higher with very dry wood but it fire also with poor fuel from my garden

Step 8: Use to Cooking

Picture of Use to Cooking

First use cooking or boiling wather

Step 9: Making the BBQ

Picture of Making the BBQ

It fit on the exhaust pipe..... easy to move to coking easy, without smoke and burn

Step 10: Grilling & BBQ

Picture of Grilling & BBQ

Finally kooking the spiced rib!!! than feta cheese potatoes and hamburgher

Good BBQ good oven fast and clean like gas BBQ

NO smoke

NO flames

NO burning meat

Happy BBQ

See you soon



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