Role Up Spray Room


Introduction: Role Up Spray Room

If you're like me you're shop is a mess by finishing time. Recently I was to this point on a project for my wife and in the middle of another project. So rather than clean up the entire shop I built a clean room.

Step 1:

Step 2:

I cut some heavy plastic sheeting 8ft by about a foot taller than the ceiling. Then I wrapped and stapled a 1x1 to the top and bottom and screwed each panel to the ceiling to make a room. I used an adhesive zipper I found at the home improvement store as an entrance. (Recently got another zipper in order to make the door easier to get through) The ventilation is a fan fitted with a furnace filter. I cut a hole in one wall and sealed the fan to the wall with screws and a thin plywood ring. My fan was placed in a box so the exhaust port goes straight up. I closed up the corners with spring clamps. When I'm done I just role each wall up and secure it to the 1x1 on the ceiling with Velcro strips like you use to secure cables or extension cords.



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    Great idea and so smart to have the opening to the garage door!