Step 3: Assembling Part 1

Take two of the short length breadboard jumper wire - 4 inches - male to male and cut them in half; 
strip the ends and solder the resulting 4 short wires to the DC motor terminals.
Do the same for the speaker if you decide to use it.

Remove the wires from the battery box and solder two medium length breadboard jumper wire- 6 inches - male to male; you may want to use red and black colors to make it easier to distinguish polarity.

Solder the two 16 DIP sockets pins together keeping the notch on the same side.
Solder a small wire between pins 1 & 16, and one between 8 & 9.
Solder pins 4 & 5 together, and  also pins 12 & 13.
The junctions from pins 1 & 16, and pins 8 & 9  need to be joined, you can either solder a wire between them or use a small jumper wire from the opposite side of the socket..
(See http://www.freewebs.com/isuru-c/motor_driver.htm )

What is that little ardweeny thingy you have? You make it your self or what? <br />
I found an original Clocky at GoodWill for $3<br>And this is the first thing I did when I got it home. I had a ton of wires coming out of it's &quot;mouth&quot; to the arduino. (The Uno was way too big to fit inside) <br>I'm Hoping to Make it completely contained and turn it into a simple wall avoiding bot.
Cool, that's a bargain! <br>You can always put the Arduino outside on top where the LCD was. Love to see it.
Dude, this has POTENTIAL! It's awesome. I have a chrome Clocky<sup>&reg; </sup>like this&nbsp;and I love it!<br> &nbsp;Win Guy
Thanks and yeah it has a lot of potential. I am still thinking of going wifi and/or Bluetooth with it and even incorporate a built in cam, but it would be a 'rocky' video feed... I am thinking of using an Arduino Pro Mini and a WiFly if I go that route.<br><br>You haven't pitched your Clocky against the wall yet after you caught it ? :) <br>
1. An Arduino Pro Mini would be a good choice if you <em>were</em> to go wireless - as would a WiFly - and a camera, even if it <em>were</em> to have a rocky video feed, would still be better than no video feed! It's a good idea.<br> <br> 2. No, I haven't pitched Clocky at the wall - I awaken easily enough...<br> <br> &nbsp;Thanks for the awesome project!<br> &nbsp;&nbsp;Win Guy
I just bought some l293d's, but have not had a chance to use them yet. Missed the robot contest deadline.
Where specificly did you get the roll-away-clock? What store. I know the original Clocky's are around 40 dollars. To expensive when there are generic cheap ones, like the one you have. <br>Very cool. <br>Thanks
Thank you Mottr. <br>They are the same and, yeah... makes you wonder what kind of profit margin they have, doesn't it? <br>I happened to be at Staples last month to pick up some supplies for my daughter when I saw them at $4.97 but didn't buy them right away. A couple of days later I saw this post on Hackaday (http://hackaday.com/2011/02/10/driving-a-salvaged-lcd/) and realized that they would be good for parts alone at that price, so went back and bought a couple; I then just stored them on a shelf, until last week when the idea of making one into a rover came back to me and decided to do it. <br>Now I really want it to be wireless and I am waiting for the YellowJacket from AsyncLabs to be available again.
Thanks, I will check at my local Staples for some. Hope there are some because I'm looking for another arduino project.<br><br>Mottr

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