Step 3: Assembling Part 1

Picture of Assembling Part 1
Take two of the short length breadboard jumper wire - 4 inches - male to male and cut them in half; 
strip the ends and solder the resulting 4 short wires to the DC motor terminals.
Do the same for the speaker if you decide to use it.

Remove the wires from the battery box and solder two medium length breadboard jumper wire- 6 inches - male to male; you may want to use red and black colors to make it easier to distinguish polarity.

Solder the two 16 DIP sockets pins together keeping the notch on the same side.
Solder a small wire between pins 1 & 16, and one between 8 & 9.
Solder pins 4 & 5 together, and  also pins 12 & 13.
The junctions from pins 1 & 16, and pins 8 & 9  need to be joined, you can either solder a wire between them or use a small jumper wire from the opposite side of the socket..
(See http://www.freewebs.com/isuru-c/motor_driver.htm )