Roll Around Kitchen Island





Introduction: Roll Around Kitchen Island

My first project in attempting to build furniture. I got hook on building things after this.

Step 1: Roll Around Kitchen Island

First, you need your materials:

4) 2x4x8

2) 2x4x6

7) 1x4x6

Kreg pocket hole jig and screws

handsaw or miter saw



tape measure


4 castors

power drill

palm sander


granite top

misc railings

Depending on how tall & wide your amount of lumber will vary.

Once you have your plans drawn out and gathered you cut pieces you will be making a 2 rectangular or square forms depending you your plans. Mine was rectangular. Came out to be 39" H x43" Lx 19 1/2" W. After drilling the Kreg pocket holes, just screw all the 2x4 pieces together. There are 2 cross beams that help keep the top square and will be used for support since the granite top weight 150lbs, but you can finish it with anything you want. Then I cut all the legs for the island out of the 1x4's and then notched 2 of the 1x4's that fit in the corner pocket of the lower shelf. I glued up all the pocket screws holes with dowels and cut and sanded them. I sanded the whole framework and put a chamfer on all the outside square edges. I then took scrap pieces of 2x4 and used them as a base of the casters to mount to. Lots of sanding and then finally painted it with a stain black ebony.

Step 2:

While I was waiting for the granite company to grind and cut my top, I found the white railings at Lowe's. I decided to go ahead and use them to keep things on the shelf from rolling off when I moved the island. They came with dowels in the bottom to attached them, so all it took was to measure and drill the corresponding hole in the shelf. I had turned my kitchen into a black and white color scheme so that just fit right in.

Step 3: Roll Around Kitchen Island

Here is the finished product. I love the granite top and that I can move it whenever I need or want to. This was my first piece of furniture that made. When I built this all the power tools that I had was a power drill and a palm sander and I built it in my kitchen and parts of it outdoors in the middle of winter.



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    That looks really nice. I like movable islands like this. It lets you create extra space when you need it.

    Thanks for the kind words. My first time for making furniture. Looking at making kitchen countertop next.