Roll Your Own Cigarettes






Introduction: Roll Your Own Cigarettes

If you're already a smoker, this is a great way to save a little money.
If you're not already a smoker, don't start!

Step 1: What to Buy

You'll need:
-Cigarette tobacco
Price will very a lot depending on where you live, but I got this 6oz. can of Natural American Spirit, which came with 200 rolling papers, for $16.99.
-Rolling papers
These are usually included when you buy the tobacco.

Optional; Recommended:
This bag of 200 was $2.99
-Hand rolling machine
Makes it a lot easier and quicker, and the finished product much neater. Mine was like $5.

Since I've been rolling my own cigarettes, I have spent 60% less money on cigarettes than I did before, and I have been able to purchase better quality additive free tobacco.

Step 2: Insert Filter

Take your rolling machine, open the front, and insert the filter on one side against the edge.

Step 3: Fill With Tobacco

Fill the rest of the roller with tobacco, as pictured.

Step 4: Close and Roll

Close your hand roller, and roll the front of it towards you one full time.
Try and save the excess tobacco that falls out and put it back in your tin or pouch for future use.

Step 5: Insert Paper

Insert a rolling paper, where the sticky part is on top, and facing you.
Roll the paper most of the way down, then lick the sticky part, and finish rolling it all the way in.

Step 6: Remove, and Enjoy

Open your roller, and take out your cigarette.
Dump any excess tobacco back into your tin.

Thank you for reading, and I hope this helps those who it applies to.
Again, if you don't already smoke, I implore you not to start.

Don't forget to rate and comment, thanks.



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    thank you! 

    this helped me so much. i have never been able to figure out how to use rolling machines and out of frustration and wasting at least $30 in cigarette rolling machines- thinking it was the machine, not me (i feel so embarrassed to actually admitting this for not understanding (until now) something so simple!), i was so happy to come across a perfectly put-together instructable- the pictures were perfect and gave me the exact visual i needed so now i can roll the perfect cigarette. yay.
    : ) ha   ironically, one of my resolutions is to quit smoking this year, lol, but i suppose at least i have 7 months left of smoking a fine looking cancer stick ( :

    Looks a bit loose. You can save even more money by rolling filterless "matchsticks"... L

    even when i smoke filtered cigarettes i cut the filter off... i like it unfiltered 

    what does the filter do?

    filter has a few uses but the main one is to reduce on tar which makes the smoke less harsh.

    Indeed, but to me, it is worth the extra $3 to have the filters.

    I'm sure it is, but you'd probably smoke less if you didn't..? L

    Probably you would but in my experience only because it tastes mostly of burning paper.

    That's it! L