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Introduction: Roll-a-Coaster!

Jump on this step-by-step ride and find out how to use old magazines to make drink coasters that will stand the test of time. Get creative and recycle at the same time!



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    This is great! I've got magazine laying around everywhere!

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    You could make an area rug!! haha

    An eco-friendly, disposable area rug. What a great idea. I think I'm going to try that. I'll just sit in the middle of it while i work my way around the outside AND I can use it as a coaster while i work!

    This is a really cute idea/instructable though. So many possibilities. Themed by magazine type, colour combinations for sports teams or even crafts for kids to make for their birthday party.

    I think spraying a layer of waterproof gloss on them (especially if made of newspaper) might prevent the need to toss them each time a glass sweats on them. Newspaper ink smells pretty bad when it gets wet/dry/wet/dry.

    Is there some sort of think, waterproof "rubber" type sealant that would make them even more durable (and skid proof!)?

    I think Mod Podge would work well. I use it to seal wooden coasters. You can get it at craft stores.

    Some sort of "thin" not "think" waterproof sealer. Fingers are faster than my brain.

    For longer working pieces you could use newspaper. I've seen similar coasters and baskets in stores made like this that are sewn through the layers to keep it solid.

    You could name them too: "This is a Time magazine coaster, this is a GQ coaster, etc"...:)

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    "This is a Make coaster"..haha..

    There are so many ways. Thanks!

    NIce and Creative, I could make 3 of those to hold a big pot of beans.

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    Yes. You could also just keep wrapping with one and make a pot holder. Thanks for commenting!