Roll a "Cross Joint"





Introduction: Roll a "Cross Joint"


Before attempting anything hereafter, look to your local law to find out if this is legal where you live. I am in no way responsible for anything that goes awry should you decide to neglect your local laws. Or if you obey them either. I'm not liable for anything you do.

Now that everything is nice and legal, lets get to business, shall we?

In the following instructable, I will show you (semi) step by step how to roll yourself a "cross joint" as seen in the movie Pineapple Express.

What you're going to need:

-5-7 rolling papers of your choice. 2 will be used for just the sticky strip. (I used ZigZag slow burning papers by the way)
-Small pointy object. I used an ear-ring and tool on my pliers.
-Couple of grams of your smoking mixture (Shisha, Tobacco, etc..)

Step 1: Break Up Your Smoking Mixture.

To start off, you need to break up enough smoking mixture to fill up two papers stuck long end to long end.

In the end, you'll need this to be 'fat' enough to poke a decent sized hole in the side without it falling apart or tearing. This hole will have to be big enough to accommodate for step 4.

Step 2: Roll Them Both Up

I roll by hand but if you cant do that, use a roller. You can buy them for under 10 dollars at your local shop usually.

Now comes the tricky part...

Step 3: Poke Some Holes

I (stupidly) didn't get pictures of making the hole in the first piece of this puzzle, so just use your imagination here.

Poke a hole midway down the length of the fatter of the two. You're going to want all three of the sides you plan on lighting to be as close to the same length as possible so your cross doesn't fall in half when the middle burns through first.

You're going to want this hole to be big enough for the second one to pass through, but not so loose something tears or isn't a snug fit.

Step 4: Insert Peg a Into Hole B

Take the smaller of the two, and stick it through the hole you just made in the last step.

You're going to need to find the mid-point of the latter, and poke a hole through it, and then align that hole lengthwise with the one running to your mouth. Now all three sides should be roughly the same length.

Almost done..

Step 5: Seal Up the Gaps

Next step..

Cut the little strip of glue off 2 papers and set one aside. Take the other and lick the first inch or so of it, and stick it on the middle of the cross. What you're going to want to do here, is lick the rest of the glue strip in a couple of sections as you wrap it around in an X pattern to seal up any holes.

It took me two strips to cover all the little gaps at the crossing.

Step 6: Enjoy

Light up and enjoy. (you'll need a friend, or lots of extra arms)



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    the term "joint" is used to refer to tobacco all the time. obviously no one would be so bold as to encourage illegal drugs on a social website which prohibits such things in it's guidelines of use. while in the movie "pinapple express" they are supposedly using such substances, this instructable does not promote the use of them. it only instructs a person about how to roll a "joint" similar to the one in the movie. and as i said before, "joint" simply refers to a roll of paper containing a substance that could theoretically be smoked. tobacco is a substance that could theoretically be smoked.

    As NachoMahma pointed out, it could fall under the 'No illegal stuff' rule. I'm sure it would be fine if you changed it to be a Cross 'Cigarette'.

    there is nothing wrong with joint its a slang term and can have any meaning technically

    I would have to completely re-do my instructable with new pictures of everything. I'll just put a giant disclaimer on the first step.

    hey i just watched that last night. jeeze why do you guys have so anti-pot moral? as long as you dont do it, who cares about who does?

    im a girl and i don't see anything wrong with smoking as long as you don't get caught doing it lol

    You'll need to remove all references to, and images of, illegal substances, and include a general disclaimer to point out that smoking anything is acknowledged by all medical opinions to be a serious risk to the health of both the smoker and those around the smoker.

    All references have been removed. And I don't want to get into any arguments, as we both have our opinions, and neither of us will change the others.

    One way to make it 'appropriate' is to take out the pics of the illegal substances. In the title, call it 'how to roll a cross cigarette'. I don't mind the content but this will be flagged eventually.