1- What did you make? This bowl is built from rolled magazine strips! I used old magazines because it's a cheap, easy, and colorful material.
2- How did you make it?
 I decided to build this out of sheer boredom while watching a long movie with my sister. The idea just popped into my mind! I created it by gluing small magazine rolls to a blown up balloon before popping it. My plans only varied once when I decided to tape the balloon down to keep it sturdy.
3- Where did you make it? 
I made this at home. I've always enjoyed putting old magazines and newspapers to good use instead of getting rid of them, so it was a perfect project.
4- What did you learn?
I learned that some projects take a TON of patience and dedication. It was hard to keep going, especially when the paper kept falling off. I'm proud of the fact that it's so unique and that I finished it even though it was a big challenge. If I ever do this again, I'll start by taping the balloon down.

Step 1: Materials

For this project, you'll need:
-a balloon
-old magazines

Begin by taping the balloon down to a roll of masking tape. This will keep it steady and prevent it from flipping over while you're working. When I was making my bowl, I didn't tape it down beforehand, and it flipped over, which ruined some of my progress. I recommend that you start off more prepared than I was.
<p>nice looking bowl, I will have to try this one day.</p>
<p>very neat idea! ill have to try this, thanks for the instruction.</p>
I read the other comments and what I see is thinking outside the box what is your next project?
My next project? I'm not quite sure yet. I have a safety pin necklace that I started and need to finish. I've been busy with college but I'll try to get back into posting! :)
sounds like a great idea for when your recuperating from an injury
seems tedious...
Boah, that must have been a mega boring movie! Not something I would like to have, but well done and explained.<br> <br> And as Kiteman said, put a protective layer on it - some clear lacquer, plastic spray, or - if nothing else is available - hair spray.
Oh, I like that, though I think, personally, I would varnish the whole thing with a layer of PVA as well.

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