Picture of Rolled travel toiletry
Here is the present I made for someone who travels a lot. It' quick and easy to sew, and take very few place in a suitcase.
I hope you'll like it.
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Step 1: What you need

Picture of what you need
you will need :
- one piece of outer nice fabric. Prefer a quite thick fabric, like furnishing ones. Mine is about 20'x10'.
- two pieces of inner fabric of the same size. I choose an absorbent one, so the product can be stored wet.
- assorted thread
- elastic band
- bias tape
- zipper (a little shorter than the width of your fabric)
- little bottles of shampoo and soap, travel hairbrush, rubber bands for hair, toothbrush, etc.

Step 2: Make the pocket

Picture of Make the pocket
To make a little pocket, cut one layer of the inner fabric at about 10' of one side.
Insert the zipper there, fold the edges and pin. Sew the zipper.
Take the second layer of inner fabric and pin the two layers together.

Step 3: Place the elastic band

Picture of Place the elastic band
Start pinning your elastic band, placing your products under it one by one. The elastic band should be a little streched to keep the things in place.
Don't forget to let spaces between the different things or it won't roll correctly.
One you're satisfied with the place of everything, try to roll the toiletry to be sure it is possible.
If it's ok, you can sew the elastic band on place where the pins are.
You can also insert and sew a ribbon under the elastic : this is where I tie my rubber bands for hair, making a pretty bow.

Step 4: Make it prettier

Picture of make it prettier
Place your work on the wrong side of the outer fabric, pin and sew at 3/8' of the sides.
Then, sew your bias tape all aroud to hide the edges (I forgot to take a picture).
Sew two ribbons at one side : they will be tied aroud the roll to keep it closed.

Step 5: Finished!

Picture of finished!
you're done!
place everything in your new toiletry and roll it!
LexyConroy1 year ago
very nicely done! Now I have another project to do :)
aceammar1 year ago
aceammar1 year ago
thay will come in jandy
szarei1 year ago
Very clever and beautiful hand craft. well done.