I love the look of old vintage skateboards and have always wanted one for myself. I particularly like the Roller Derby #10, the first skateboard ever to be sold. But these are hard to come by, expensive, and not really that rideable. So I figured why not recreate the Roller Derby #10 with modern trucks, wheels, and bearings so it has that vintage look but can still be ridden. So that's exactly what I did and you can too! So let's get to it...

Please know that if you're interested in purchasing one of these from me, check out the etsy listing here.

Step 1: Things You'll Need

Supplies You'll Need:

  • a plank of wood
  • white spray primer
  • red spray paint
  • spray clear coat
  • a "Roller Derby #10 Skate Board" vinyl stencil (You'll need a vinyl cutter to make this stencil or contact me and I can probably make one and send it to you)
  • Trucks (I used these 3" Penny trucks)
  • Wheels (I used these wheels because they look like metal wheels which were used on the original Roller Derby #10)
  • Bearings (Use whatever you prefer)
  • Skateboard bolts and locknuts (can be found at most hardware stores)

Tools You'll Need:

  • Jigsaw
  • power sander
  • sand paper
  • drill with drill bit
  • screwdriver
i cant find the "roller derby" logo anywere
<p>My friend has the real thing, and got it for 5$.</p>
<p>My friend has the real thing, and got it for 5$.</p>
nice! i'm going to try to make this, but then with rollerskate trucks and wheels...can you make a vid of how it rides?
<p>what type of wood did you use?</p>
<p>Great Job! About how thick was the board itself?</p>
<p>about 3/4&quot;</p>
I'm probably gonna make one of these, but i don't know if I'm gonna paint it like that or at all
Homemade and updo ones r good but I went to ebay and out of a lot of em was 400+ dollars but I found. Few Roller Derby # 10 vintage skateboards very cheap.
I love it so much! I want to try it myself.
<p>&quot;and not really that rideable&quot; The steel (or clay) wheels were terrible! if they ran into the smallest of pebbles you got stopped dead in your tracks and you flew of the front of the board. Those old-timey trucks weren't very maneuverable either so, it was harder to steer around those road rash causing pebbles.</p>
<p>Ha yea that's what I hear! Glad I got modern technology</p>
<p>Very nice! I thought you'd just apply a white vinyl decal on top of the red paint, but this way is so much better. I really need to get a vinyl cutter!</p>
<p>yea I thought about that but I figured the vinyl would probably peel right off</p>
<p>Nice job! It looks awesome!</p>

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