Picture of Rolling Backpack To Stackable Storage Dolly
Remember those rolling backpacks from grade school? They were all the rage when I was in 4th or 5th grade. I got one just as the trend was fading, but I still used the crap out of it.
I was cleaning out my closet today and I found it, filled with stray screws, dust bunnies, and even chips and crumbs from way back when.
Gross! I almost just tossed it, but then I got an idea for making a rolling toolbox holder for making my tools and radio control gear a bit more portable.
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Step 1: The Starting Point

Picture of The Starting Point
Here she is in all her past glory. We're going to have to salvage the extending handle, the wheels, and the main chassis of the backpack to act as the frame of our toolbox toter.

Step 2: Cut It Up!

Picture of Cut It Up!
In order to get to the plastic goodies inside, we need to cut off all the cloth bits. I started by cutting off the large pocket and inside lining.

Step 3: Remove The Handle

Picture of Remove The Handle
14, 7:06 PM.jpg
14, 7:06 PM.jpg
14, 7:06 PM.jpg
Start by removing the screws on the side of the plastic handle, then removing the handle altogether. This will leave just the two telescoping poles. To remove those, you have to reach inside the backpack and unscrew the large plastic nut type thing that is at the top of the inside of the backpack, where the poles pass through. Once unscrewed, the only thing holding the pole in is a screw at the bottom of the inside of the backpack. After removing that, the pole will pull straight out.

Step 4: Remove The Frame

Picture of Remove The Frame
14, 7:06 PM.jpg
14, 7:06 PM.jpg
With the poles out of the way, it is much easier to cut the remaining cloth off to retrieve the frame. There are screws holding the wheel assemblies through the cloth, to the frame. Once those are removed, the wheels come off, and the frame is free of the cloth. Once the components are removed, you can reassemble them without the cloth bits to form a usable frame for this project.