Introduction: Rolling Box

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This is a box for rolling weed and stay high :)

Step 1: Find a Box

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Find a Box or built it, you need two sticks, cut one of the two sticks, divide your interior into your own pleasure

Step 2: Rolling Support

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Built a rolling support with a wooden base and two triangular prisms in thick paper and glued togheter

Step 3: Painting

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Have fun painting with paint brushes or with what you want,in my case I used oil colors and Water spray painting technique

Step 4: Fill It

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fill ita with grinder, clipper, paper, blunt and everything you want.

Finish, good smoked and sorry because I used google translator


terrible tinkerer (author)2017-09-10

wow! pretty cool idea. I found your ible is lacking in ways to actually make your project - dimensions of parts & size of compartments. is there any hardware, as in hinges, latch, etc.
otherwise nice abstract & your box looks very useful. I live in Canada where the sativa & indica will soon be legalized. I can see your fine little box being put to good use!

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