Rolling Compost Drum





Introduction: Rolling Compost Drum

Hello all,
Pix of my roller compost bin should be self explanatory. I can not take credit for any ingenuity. I simply took ideas from the bins I liked and compiled them into this one.

My thoughts about the large hole on the bottom or end side as being superior are due to easy compost removal.

I noticed that I would have issues with easy addition of compost material from the kitchen if this was to be a roller style compost so I like the small side hole to add compost material from the kitchen and such.

I did slight improvements on the base and roller system and added the roller system because it seemed the most reliable and easiest.

I had all parts from old scooters and roller blade wheels also an easy purchase. The PVC was from the hardware store. Total cost was $44.00
Lucked into two drums for free.



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    I think it is easy, my wife finds it moderately easy to roll when full. It also depends on how long it has been sitting. If you keep it just moist enough to compost and rotate it every 3 days, then it is effortless. As far advantages to the A frame I can only guess that the roller is faster due to aeration and repeat turning. I think the A frames that have the multi levels with the bottom having completed humus are good systems and a person could not go wrong with that. I want to build several roller style so they are turning to humus at different times. I will say this...I saw a very nice box style at Sams Club for 39$ and there is no way I could build this for that. Just invest in a pitch fork if you go that route. Good Luck and thanks for looking.

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    We have one similar and the mices have eaten a hole in the side so they can come "dine" at their leisure. We are going metal.

    From what item did you appropriate your shims? They look like red pieces of rubber. If so, I'm thinking of using sections of old bicycle tires.
    Wonderful instructable by the way. I like the throughness. How's it composting these days?


    Can you make a PDF of this?

    Do you find this easy to roll when it's full? I'm debating between this style and an A-frame. Any advantages this may carry over the other?

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    I've been thinking of pros and cons to this style vs. the A-frame. I think this will do pretty much the same thing, but require less room and air space. I'm going to attempt to build and use this style.

    scooter wheels? wow thats being resourceful...

    I think the wheels will be a little bit charged when it is full. you may add some parallel PVC to make it stronger.

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    Its full now, and rolling like a charm. The wheels have sealed bearings and roll like each are distributing 50lbs. Thanks for looking though.

    very cool idea, low profile and looks easy to turn, load and dump.