Make Rolling Pennies!

I was bored one day rolling pennies, then i thought how much better would it be if i put an O-ring on it?

So I did it and here's the instuctable : D

Step 1: Materials

 All you need is...

Super Glue 
A Penny
An O-ring

Step 2: O-ring Over Penny

 Place your O-ring over your penny.

Whichever coin you use, make sure your O-ring fits comfortably over it.

Like the picture : D

Step 3: Glueing

 Glue around the edges of the penny...

Step 4: Done!

... Let it dry and go roll your penny!
me and my brother kinda play a &quot;sport&quot; like this. basically when we're in a bigger store (i.e meijer, walmart, etc.) we see who can roll some coins the farthest or most accurate (like aiming for a shopper, etc.). pretty fun. never thought of putting a o-ring on it though.<br />
&nbsp;cool try this then :P&nbsp;<br /> thx ^^
&nbsp;Thought it wouldve been clear what it was for...&nbsp;<br /> nevermind :P Its for rolling across the floor... I thought it was alot more fun with this ^^
<p>I just wanna what is it for?</p>
I thought this might be about rolling up a stack of pennies in a strip of paper for taking them to the bank when a paper tube for that purpose was not available.<br />
It rolls better?<br /> its sorta like putting a tyre on wheel...
What's it for? Why should one want to do this?
It bounces more with this?<br /> <br /> L<br />

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