I made a portable piano station on casters to make my keyboard more accessible. I needed space for the keyboard, speakers, and a computer with monitor to run my synthesizer software. It could also be a simple rolling desk/computer station. It is build from Ikea GORM shelving parts with only a few modifications. I believe the parts only cost me about $35.

Step 1: Materials

GORM Shelf parts
2 shelves 30 3/8 " x 20 1/8 "
1 shelf 30 3/8 " x 12 1/4 "
2 packs of posts 43 1/4 " (4 posts)
1 pack of RILL casters
1 OBSERVATOR 39 " cross brace

Adjustable wrench
Phillips screwdriver
Wood screws

What would really complete this would be someone smartly-dressed <em>or</em> not dressed at all playing it?<br /> <br /> L<br />
&nbsp;My grandpa has a setup like this. &nbsp;He is a musician for hire (sort of his retirement dream).&nbsp;<br /> <br /> He sings as well, and managed to incorporate a screen with SD slot, that way, his lyrics scroll along the screen as he sings (no need to memorize his lyrics). &nbsp;<br /> <br /> Your piano rig looks much more functional than his, I'll&nbsp;recommend&nbsp;it!<br />
Nice!&nbsp; I built one of these a few years ago, but without the top monitor shelf.&nbsp; Still, it's wide enough to hold a bigger keyboard and some guitar pedals and amp.&nbsp; Pretty bitchin' idea :P.<br />
Smart looking desk!<br />
Very nice workstation.&nbsp; Good job!<br />
Great idea! I need something similar for my Linux / m-audio Delta recording setup...<br />

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