Picture of Rolling Piano Station
I made a portable piano station on casters to make my keyboard more accessible. I needed space for the keyboard, speakers, and a computer with monitor to run my synthesizer software. It could also be a simple rolling desk/computer station. It is build from Ikea GORM shelving parts with only a few modifications. I believe the parts only cost me about $35.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
GORM Shelf parts
2 shelves 30 3/8 " x 20 1/8 "
1 shelf 30 3/8 " x 12 1/4 "
2 packs of posts 43 1/4 " (4 posts)
1 pack of RILL casters
1 OBSERVATOR 39 " cross brace

Adjustable wrench
Phillips screwdriver
Wood screws

lemonie5 years ago
What would really complete this would be someone smartly-dressed or not dressed at all playing it?

Doctor What5 years ago
 My grandpa has a setup like this.  He is a musician for hire (sort of his retirement dream). 

He sings as well, and managed to incorporate a screen with SD slot, that way, his lyrics scroll along the screen as he sings (no need to memorize his lyrics).  

Your piano rig looks much more functional than his, I'll recommend it!
Runeshai5 years ago
Nice!  I built one of these a few years ago, but without the top monitor shelf.  Still, it's wide enough to hold a bigger keyboard and some guitar pedals and amp.  Pretty bitchin' idea :P.
Jayefuu5 years ago
Smart looking desk!
russm3135 years ago
Very nice workstation.  Good job!
gmoon5 years ago
Great idea! I need something similar for my Linux / m-audio Delta recording setup...