I have been thinking lately that I didn't want to clutter up the garage floor with all my bike projects like last year. I have two bays and my side has all bikes and bike related stuff to build my bikes. In the past I just remove my wifes car for the summer to her dislike. I got away with it but I felt pretty bad on rainy days she couldn't get out in her nice dry space. I have looked guilt in the face and have surrendered.

I hang about 20 bikes on the side wall but this rack is for the ones on the floor or some of them. Things working the way they do I'm looking to make another but to work this out right now with store bought stuff to get the bugs worked out and to make it easier for others to make theirs.

It really doesn't take but a few hours if you have everything ready. There is no need to stress out over this build, it's pretty basic in the build. Sizes can change to suit yourself but this is a good starting place to get yours up and running.

Step 1: Safety and Tools and some Fasteners

Safety is a must, pretty much standard stuff. I once saw an Instructable here with a picture of a guy drilling a flower pot while it was in his lap. One slip and.......you get the picture. Keep body parts where they're meant to be. Wear safety glasses, things may wack you in the eye. If you ignore this it may not be so funny. Well maybe to other people but not you.

The tools are pretty basic.
A circular saw with a good blade so you won't be fighting with it.
A cordless Screw Gun is nice but a variable speed drill is OK.
A hammer for any nails.
Screws and or nails of the proper length.
Construction glue is optional.
<p>I'm guessing it's the gussets that you will be adding. Show a picture of it when your done. Hope it works out for you. I made a few bikes last year and a few that I still haven't finished. Here's a picture of one that will make the bike rack.</p>
<p>Nice bike! Classic design.</p>
<p>This is a great design, thanks for posting. I built a 5' version this weekend. I modified to allow the hooks to move. I used 2x6 for the sides and used two 2x4s on top, then made some hooks I could slide back and forth. I have seven bikes on it pretty easily, the eighth requires some sliding of bikes. </p>
<p>I had made a T design that didn't prove to be stable enough. I will be transforming and using your design this weekend! Thanks!</p>
I have updated step 7 with a new suggested hook spacing. The rack will now hold 9 bikes or you could refigure the hook bar length using the 10&quot; spacing and make the rack shorter and while holding fewer bikes
Genius! Absolute Genius! If there is a contest for bike related instructable of the year, you have my vote!!
Wow. Very ambitious project. Looks great!
That's nice of you to say, thanks. Very ambitious? You make me blush, the truth is this structure is an exercise in bracing a structure with minimum effort. It's very simple, very strong, and easy to build. I'm hoping to see comments from people who made one and maybe a picture. I'm collecting parts for another and plan to buy only the hooks.

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