If you enjoy cigars, you'll want to try rolling your own at one point or another. It's worth it for a few reasons:

1) You'll appreciate the work that goes into a good cigar more.
2) It's less expensive and can be tastier depending on how talented you become.
3) It's interesting and can be a fun hobby.

And a short disclaimer: Tobacco is bad for your health. Don't follow these instructions if using tobacco is illegal in your area, or directly illegal for you depending on your age.

Materials Needed:

- Tobacco Leaf
- Spray bottle to mist the leaves with water
- Rolling pin to smooth out the outer-layer leaf
- Scissors to cut the vein from the leaf
- Flour paste, clear pectin, or Tragacanth to seal the cigar
- Post-it notes to turn into cigar bands

I've published the step-by-step instructions here (in the classic Instructables style.) If you'd like to read some of the other, miscellaneous details from my own personal attempt, check out my blog post:


Step 1: Obtain the Leaves

The first hurdle in making a cigar is getting the unprocessed leaf. It should be easy as a buyer to find someone selling unprocessed leaf, but it isn't. Use the internet to find someone willing to sell unprocessed tobacco leaf. There are farmers and other technologically-literate people that are willing to mail you leaf to use. It's cheap too.

It'll depend on who sends it to you, but mine arrived in a dried-bundle. You can't use it in the immediate state without hydrating it.

Otherwise, plant and grow your own tobacco, then dry it out and possibly ferment it. Actually, I ordered seeds along with my leaf order and grew it last season. I'm waiting for my leaves to dry now, and plan on growing my own 100% NJ cigar this summer :)!
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Could we see some of this rolling process?<br>You say it's mostly intuitive, and your directions for that step are rather strait forward and simple.<br>But a few images of the process might help us in know if we're heading in the right direction.
Hi -- thanks for the positive feedback! I definitely understand the want for a video, and I plan to make one soon. Actually, since I grew my own crop this last season, I should be able to make the video of me rolling my own plants :).<br><br><br><br>It's not a replacement, but I hope the following helps: try searching &quot;rolling cigar&quot; on YouTube. There are a good chunk of videos from experts that will give you the feel for the process. I'll update the instructable as soon as my crop is dried and ready. Thanks for reading!
Agreed - this needs a video.
hum im old enough to do this now... i might just try <br>oh and i agree that you need a video

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