Rolling Tone - Cat Toy





Introduction: Rolling Tone - Cat Toy

This is simple cat toy I've made for Enya >*.*<, remixing ;) Lindarose's Twine Cat Toy.

Step 1: Materials

This toy is done with recycled materials. Here what you'll need:

  • empty cardboard spool of a whool or cotton ball;
  • scrap of twine and ribbon;
  • a little bell;
  • hot glue;
  • (optional) some crochets, just to help.

Step 2: Spool

I didn't have an empty spool, so I take a cotton ball and re-wind it up to free the spool.

Step 3: Bell

I bought a collar for Enya. It has a little bell that I took right away, because I think it will be a torture for Enya's ears.

Attach the bell to a loop of ribbon, then put it around the spool. Use a bit of glue to fasten it.

Step 4:

Glueing the twine here and there, wind it around the spool. Pay attention to leave the ribbon with the bell free.

Step 5:

Glue the scraps of ribbon around the spool, in diagonal over the twine. This gives the toy colours and different touch feelings (have I ever mention that, as a teacher, I sometimes use Maria Montessori's methods?)

Step 6: Play!

Give it to your cat and let her/him play :) She/he will roll it, hearing the bell (from which the name I gave it: rolling tone - the tone of the bell!) and if it's flat on a base, the cat will put the paw in to try and get the bell. At least: Enya does so! >^_^<



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I dont think my mom will let me do this......We just got 2 eight week old ferrets,and they love cat im trying to find a good thing to make...if u know something good plz reply to me

Great idea! I'm so glad that you were inspired by my cat toy :) I might try this one too, I need to make more toys for Remì :D

:) When I think of cat's toys, I always remember a joke I did when I got Enya....

Human brings a new (expensive) toy to the cat.

Cat: "This is for me?! Oh, thank you.... it's wonderful!!" And then she starts play happily with the package of the toy.

lol that's exactly what they do! :D

Cool toy!

Cute! Steady your hands for those macro shots. :D You've got a lucky and adorable cat.

Thanks 8D For the photos: I had all the batteries of the camera down, so I had to take photos will my smartphone, I picked out the better ones. And for Enya's one, it's almost impossible to take a good photo of her. ;)