Roman Helm





Introduction: Roman Helm

Step 1: Materials

Duct tape a parry knife and scissors

Step 2:

Now cut out a flat piece of card board that fits all the way around your head and bend it

Step 3:

Now rap it in a circle around your head

Step 4:

Duct tape this together and cut out a eye hole

Step 5:

Cut out some cardboard like before and bend

Step 6:

Now add the strip

Step 7:

Cut out these panels and bend

Step 8:

Cut these little slips to bend and place like so

Step 9:

Step 10:

Add paint to finish I chose black & white

Step 11:



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    i know its a roman but THIS IS SPATA AND COOL

    This is going to be my Halloween costume! Amazing!

    Love your designs. Where is your cool stove top hat you made on New Year's Eve ?

    This is pretty cool! Do you happen to have a clearer image you could put in the intro step?

    alright i have got a clearer photo............................. LOOK AT THE PHOTO BEFOUR THE LAST ONE!!!!! :)

    This is very awesome! Thanks for sharing your incredible knowledge!