Picture of Roman Shades for Classroom Windows
This year to dress up my classroom a bit, I decided to made some window dresssings for the long skinny windows in my classroom and as a challenge I decided to made Roman Shades rather than a simple gathered curtain because when they don't need to be closed for drills I prefer to have them open most of the time.

This is a fairly straight forward design but  you have to make sure that they are strung correctly so they raise in wide neat folds.

For this project you will need:

plastic rings
sewing needle
sewing machine

I choose a fabric with poison dart frogs for my chemistry classroom.
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Step 1: Cutting the Fabric

Picture of Cutting the Fabric
When you measure for your curtain, you need to decide how much of the window and window frame you want to cover. Be sure to add two inches to the width and two inches to the length for seams. Since roman shades lay flat rather than gather you don't need to add any width for fullness.

Step 2: Hemming the Edges

Picture of Hemming the Edges
Lay the fabric right side down on your ironing board and turn under a half inch hem, then roll that over and turn it under a second time so you have a neat edge all the way around your fabric.

Stitch all the way around the rectangle. You can either use a color that blends into the background of your fabric, or a contrasting color. If you use a contrasting color be careful to sew straight seams as you will see the stitching on the right side of the fabric.
That's an awesome idea! Nice job on putting it all together :)
Printy2 years ago
Hey that's terrific! I love how simple this is! I may do this for my own windows at home. Thanks for the ible!