Romance Achievement Cross Stitch




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Introduction: Romance Achievement Cross Stitch

I saw a tapestry version of this on deviant art possibly by sleepyhamsteri (I didn’t take note at the time as I was at work, sorry!)

So made a cross stitch pattern for it .

Once finished I stuck it onto a greycard circle, glued a piece of blue felt to the back then added some gathered silver ribbon to the outside.



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    This is an awesome, nerdy, romantic gift :) I really want to make it!

    Awesome work!

    What did you use for making the pattern, I usually take help from the pic 2 pat website.

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    I don't know what that is, though that could help me do these quicker I use a program called 2D Design. It's not really designed for making cross stitch patterns but I've made a couple, it just takes more time than it should.

    Oh, thanks for informing. I love doing cross stitch too and like creating my own patterns.

    You've done a great work :)

    Yes Mass Effect 3