Romantic Hazelnut Truffles




Introduction: Romantic Hazelnut Truffles

Who doesn't like a creamy hazelnut/chocolate truffle? Exactly, no one.

Step 1: What You'll Need

You Will Need:

For the Filling:
(1 cup) ground hazelnuts
(1/8 cup) vegetable oil or peanut oil
(1 cup) granulated sugar
(1/4 cup) sweetened cocoa powder
(1/2 tsp) vanilla extract

For the Outside:
dark chocolate chips
(small) hazelnut chunks

(1) mini cupcake tray

Step 2: Making the Outside

Melt your chocolate chips fill your cupcake tray 3/4 of the way. Put hazelnut chunks around it.

Step 3: Making the Filling

1. Liquify hazelnuts by putting them in the blender for a while.

2. Add oil and blend again.

3. Add sugar and cocoa powder and keep blending.

4. When it becomes like Nutella, add your vanilla.

Step 4: Adding the Filling

1. The outsides of your truffles should have hardened a little by now. Scoop some from the middle and add the filling.

2. Add melted chocolate over the top.

Step 5: Finishing Up

1. Put your truffles in the freezer for as long as you want. The longer, the harder.

2. Scoop out your truffles and serve them to the date!



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