Hello Instructables! This is my entry for Make It Glow Contest.
Who said that electronics can’t be romantic? We can use it to show a person our love, and it is exactly what we are going to do: a present, as simple to realize as wonderful to see, to give to the person we love.
It could be a great gift for Valentine’s Day or anniversary.

The idea is to realize a casket which has inside some little red LEDs arranged in a heart shape.
A switch turn the LED on and off.

You can see the final result in the picture above. It's amazing!

Step 1: What We Need

These are the components we need:
  • a casket (mine is priced ~€2.50);
  • 27 red LED (~€6.00);
  • one 220Ω resistor;
  • one switch;
  • one battery case (4 AA batteries);
  • black cardboard (better if rigid);
  • soldering station
  • optional: a third hand (~€6.00) is really useful during soldering.
<p>Brilliant work. How many watts(W) in the resistor?</p>
<p>I made this project without any solder and in a cardboard box. I used a crappy little dollar store 'emergency phone charger' that was powered by AA batteries as the power supply (it didn't really have the amperage to charge a phone) which served me well. I used two USB cords as the wiring, and duct taped it all together inside of the box.</p>
<p>I built this without any solder and in cardboard box. The power supply was a cheap, dollar store USB &quot;charger&quot; for phones that utilized AA batteries. It was completely useless for anything, so it served me well in this project.</p>
could you take a picture of the other side of the leds? because I cant think of how you did it, unfortunately. thank you!
<p>I'm sorry but I gave it out as a gift, so I cannot take photos now.. but I could try to explain you.</p><p>Hole the cardboard and insert LEDs. Now, bend LED's pins so that every led touch the next one. For example, take the LED on the upper-left corner, and bend its pins so that they touch the next LED, and solder them. Then, do the same for every LED: you'll eventually have every LED connected with the next one (positive to positive and negative to negative), and the last LED connected to the resistor.</p><p>I hope I've been clear enough.. if you need help, just let me know :)</p>
<p>Image quality is not that bad</p>
Thanks for this idea. My wife and myself agreed to not get each other stuff for Christmas (we can get more stuff for the kids that way) but I think that I'll be making this for her. I might put some type of cloudy type of paper or plexi-glass over the LEDs to make it look even nicer.
I am very very pleased to be a source of inspiration. I am sure she will love it, because it is a very nice thing and is made with passion. <br>Thank you :)
I'd say its a nice gift to give away :-) ..<br>And if you want ideas on how to make the lights go on automatically -&gt; https://www.instructables.com/id/Pandoras-Box-1
Thank you!
first I think it is a really nice idea but I have some remarks 1. I believe you can pull off the same with a 2AA batteryholder or set in every parallel part 2 in series. In that way it is more power efficient. and while AA battery is 1.2-1.5 volts and most red leds are 2-2.3 V off course a other resistor value should be chosen. 2. It would be nice to use a switch that switches on when you open the box. ie. with magnetic switch or be creative with creating you own small circuit. 3. I can't see the vote button ;)
Hi marcoboers, thanks for your comment! It's always a pleasure the read constructive comments. <br>First: yes, I think it would be a better solution. I have to say that, when I did it, I was forced to finish it in less than a day, and the 4AA battery holder was the only one I had. Moreover, I have no much experience.. I can only improve, so, your comment is really really appreciated. <br>Second: Surely, it is a nice idea that should be followed! <br>Third: I am waiting to be accepted in the contest, and it takes one or two days. <br>Thank you!!

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