A rose Made out of a tennis ball and wire that can be filled with candy or a small gift
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Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
ok what you need is
*red/black magic markers
*Tennis Ball
*green wire*not shown* or a dowel
*Razor blade*be careful*

Step 2: Color

Picture of Color
ok now you take your red marker and color your tennis ball all red and let it dry the ink has to soak in to the tennis ball

Step 3: Color and cut

Picture of color and cut
Color where you are going to cut with the black marker or do it by hand if your feeling saucy. and take a sharp razor (it cuts cleaner) and then cut below the black lines. i found its best to draw where i was going to cut about 3/4 of the way up or more.

Step 4: Stem

Picture of Stem
take a dowel and paint it green and poke a small hole in the bottem of your flower and push it through and hot glue it on the other side. (i took wire and made a wire stem by twisting it until it could hold the tennis ball also i added a little leaf)
Looks nice, how did you get the idea?
benda (author)  heavy.metal.nguyen7 years ago
my GF now Ex was the tennis captain and her favorite flower is the tulip so i was thinking and thinking of like making a tulip or somthing for valentines day and it hit me! thanks for the compliment!
Man, if you waited like a few days ago you could have put this in the flower contest.
Well you can just do it all can't you!? I kid, but nice Instructable.
Actually a very nicely done Instructable. Looks great, I could definitely do this, and I liked the face on the ball. (added to favorites)