video Romaurie-Effect combination vacuum-pump/air-pump
This shows how a small vac-pump can also re-cycle air from the partial vacuum at the top of the upper aquarium.
GreenD5 years ago
Whats the purpose of the jar? Why not just connect the tubing?
romaurie (author)  GreenD5 years ago
 if the water is pulled into the vac pump the oil emulsifies and buggers-up the comp.Even moisture going straight into the vac pump is not good.The jar is a simple precaution.
romaurie (author) 7 years ago
I recall a quote by Sir David Frost: "A person of culture is someone who can listen to The William Tell overture by Rossini without thinking of the Lone Ranger".
culture my arse! Hi, Yo Silver!

Awesome job, that looks really cool too.