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This is Romeo, our chihuahua mix who is only about 16 months old...he is a project in progress, in that he needs attention, affection, training, and you know the rest!  Actually I am posting this here so that I can link to ChrysN's pet photo competition.  For some reason, I can't access my image library, so don't know how to enter that competition. This may not be allowed, but we can see what happens.  Anyway, enjoy the pictures.   I made the magazine cover in a photo-editing program, very easy to do once you learn how.


DogsOfWar08 (author)2011-04-29

And how is this an instructable?

lil larry (author)DogsOfWar082011-05-01

This was for this contest about pet photos and for some reason the author couldn't access his load his library so he decided to make a instructable. I did too. It's related on the top: -My Pet Photos-.

Creativeman (author)lil larry2011-05-01

Nice pictures! I like the last one (chewing the bone) best of all...good photography.

lil larry (author)Creativeman2011-05-01

Thanx! I like the first pictures you took! I usually don't try to do it good. I guess I just get lucky! :D BTW I love your art! Idraw and paint too!

Creativeman (author)lil larry2011-05-01

Thanks, you sound like a true artist!

lil larry (author)Creativeman2011-05-01

Well, I don't know. When I'm assigned at school to bean artist, I do it pretty darn good, but when I just draw on my free time and NOT assigned, I might get lucky and it looks good.

chabias (author)2011-04-30

What a handsome boy!!

happyjo (author)2011-04-29

WOW!!!!! Cuteness! :D The name also suits him quite nicely!

Creativeman (author)happyjo2011-04-29


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