Romeo, Super Cover Dog!




Introduction: Romeo, Super Cover Dog!

This is Romeo, our chihuahua mix who is only about 16 months old...he is a project in progress, in that he needs attention, affection, training, and you know the rest!  Actually I am posting this here so that I can link to ChrysN's pet photo competition.  For some reason, I can't access my image library, so don't know how to enter that competition. This may not be allowed, but we can see what happens.  Anyway, enjoy the pictures.   I made the magazine cover in a photo-editing program, very easy to do once you learn how.



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    And how is this an instructable?

    This was for this contest about pet photos and for some reason the author couldn't access his load his library so he decided to make a instructable. I did too. It's related on the top: -My Pet Photos-.

    Nice pictures! I like the last one (chewing the bone) best of all...good photography.

    Thanx! I like the first pictures you took! I usually don't try to do it good. I guess I just get lucky! :D BTW I love your art! Idraw and paint too!

    Thanks, you sound like a true artist!

    Well, I don't know. When I'm assigned at school to bean artist, I do it pretty darn good, but when I just draw on my free time and NOT assigned, I might get lucky and it looks good.

    What a handsome boy!!

    WOW!!!!! Cuteness! :D The name also suits him quite nicely!