Step 15: Download Development Enviornment

Now that it's time to dig into

WinAVR is a suite of tools to program Atmel's micro-controllers within Microsoft windows OSs. This is what I'll use for this instructable to code in C.

AVR Studio 4 : If you are the type of person that enjoys the speed and efficiency provided by banging your head on a rock.... erm... I mean .... programming in assembly. Well then you could do a lot worse the by going with Atmel's own tools. Actually AVR Studio 4 is pretty powerful and the environment I first started this project with. I'll give the code that remains from then as well.

Linux: For the power hungry nerd in all of us.

CrossPack : "Hi I'm a Mac"

Also if you'd like you can hop on the beta for testing out AVR Studio 5 AVR Studio in C using BOTH the GCC and IAR compilers if I'm not mistaken. Not used it yet but this is looking pretty promising as well. Way to go Atmel!

I like this
Wow!... You made a lot of "projects" inside one project!... tks for sharing it...
Something like this? - http://sparky3489.webs.com/pcinterfaceproject.htm <br> <br>Using a program called Team Viewer, I can access my system anywhere there's an internet connection.
man, it&acute;s like instructables.rar <br>lots of data, seems interesting, i&acute;ll process it slowly and post outcomes <br>thanks
man i lost my mind here!.....hard to follow you anyway....hahaha
lol.... when I read your post I took the &quot;ha ha ha&quot; as some kind of maniacal laughter and I thought: <br> <br>&quot;YES! I've finally broke someone with logic!&quot; <br> <br>Thanks for the post! made my day.
lol......I thank you....maybe some day will provide your help to make my own smart system
What model electric door strike did you use?
It was just some generic electronic strike I found on ebay for $30 a few years back. Ebay member ID I think was KAWALock. Here is one they have for sale now 7 or so years later: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Fail-Secure-NO-Electric-Strike-Lock-for-Wood-Metal-Door-/251065222487?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&amp;hash=item3a74a74557 <br>
What an absolute &quot;cracker&quot; of a circuit,congrats Dathomar, a very meticulously presented instuctable,superb.
Awesome job! I love how thorough you are on the details :D
Thanks! I tried to put in everything most people would need, but actually cut a lot from what I have so as to leave it general. I'd like to add more updates as time permits though.
Outstanding! This is just what I was looking for. BobbadOut is right: You are thorough!
Ditto squared!!

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