RMconstruction's Knex TRUE Lever Action





Introduction: RMconstruction's Knex TRUE Lever Action

Finally, i have my proof.

This isn't complete, it's just the rough mech...

Model 1887? That's what it was supposed to be in the first place, but alas, it was too bulky.

This is not modeled on a specific lever action rifle/shotgun, it's just a true lever action.

This will have a static (intergrated, non-removable) magazine. I'll post the whole thing when i'm finished.



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    Blind much?

    2 replies


    Inspired by the 1873, definitely not a faithful representation.

     Not posting this, im posting an uber upgraded version, so it'll be 3 weeks ABBSOLUTE max!

    Are you sure it'll be in three weeks? I mean your Mini Gun is still not posted after what? 5 monthes? Btw (just to annoy you) it's March 10th and I forgot to tell you because I was going to tell you every start of the month until the mini gun's posted.

    Oh? I am gonna publish this two minuites ago.

    (Smug face)

    MINIGUN is ONE word.

    mini-gun 2 words mini (hey look a mini laptop) gun (i gonna play with my new gun) -_-

    You are incorrect. In that context it is one word. It is used in a two word form to refer to something's size. Don't mess with me. You'll draw a blank.

    So are you posting your Mini-Gun? (hehe annoying you..)

    That comment was a long time ago.

    Uh, I know!

    No need to tell me. Like DJ, I check dates.

    nice :)

    can't wait to turn this into a model 1887 soon :)

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    Thanks, and considering that was our original plan...

    Hope you make it awesome!

    hey umm out of curiosity.. and i know this is a late response.. but isw ther a specific piece that you need to use to make this lever action.. like one of thos black and blue singlt connecting swivvely thingys :P.. cos every time i do i need sumthing like that...

    You mean a hinge joint? It's been a while, but i dont think so... You need to cut parts though.

    hmmmm thanx anyways.. and it is a bit hard to see the video, no offense :P

    Well maybe you should see the instructable! Duh...!

    im blonde and irish.. its not my fault.. xD