Roobee One is an SLA DLP 3D printer inspired on the Cristelia - SLA/LCD 3d printer and the Vulcanus MAX 3D printer.

It is built out of 20x20 mm aluminum profile chassis, It has an adjustable print area of 80x60x200 mm up to 150x105x200mm build volume using a ACER DLP projector.

The open-source machine is called RooBee One because it is red color just like a Ruby gem.

This instructables will guide you way thought the entire build process of assembling one.

Step 1: The RooBee Open Source Design

The machines design is open source, feel free to download the skechup file to get access to all dimensions and parts. All dimensions are in 1 to 1 scale.

In order to open the file please, download the sketchup file here:


All 3D printed parts can be found on thingiverse:


<p><a href="https://www.instructables.com/member/aldricnegrier" rel="nofollow">aldricnegrier</a>, could be siuitable this model with an lcd ???</p>
<p>Buenas noches, alguien la ha montado ya?</p><p>Un saludo.</p>
<p>So how does the Projector connect to the PC or Arduino?</p><p>And what cables are required?<br>Can we have details and photo's of that please?</p><p>Well done, thank you !</p>
<p>if someone has made it already then please post a video printing it in 3d.</p>
I'm building the printer, but I'm evaluating the possibility of a flex vat. Have u tried if petg will resist to resin?
<p>In Step 18, you say, &quot;Vat Option 1 did not work.&quot; Step 18 then describes an alternate approach. Why did Option 1 fail? Why do you prefer the other approach?</p><p>Also, you barely mention the DLP projector. It would be useful to have your input on selecting one for use in this project, which really does interest me.</p>
<p>The projector is a 3000 lumen DLP by acer, it minimal focus distance is around 21 cm. It works just fine and has a curing time per layer of around 7 seconds, but we are still testing for shorter times / thiner layers. </p>
<p>i am looking for a DLP to use for this project. the acer you used is difficult to get on my area. i found BenQ MS524a with similar specs, but it does not specify minimal focus distance (which i found for the Acer). i imagine that the 20cm you refer are measured from the lens to the print/curing surface that moves up. please clarify?</p>
<p>The problem with the VAT 1 option is that the hardened resin got stuck to the VAT. So that make for impossible prints. </p><p>Option 2 uses a FEP foil that does not stick to the hardened resin. This is a comon option for the VAT.</p>
I'm almost done collecting and making the parts. how much resin do I need to buy to get started and what keeps the minimum resin supply topped up? an operator manual with some of this info would be nice.
<p>Is the red plexiglass functional or just ascetic? Not sure where to buy RED if required to block light etc.</p><p>Also, what is &quot;crystal&quot;? Is that just clear acrylic?</p><p>Regards, Dennis </p>
<p>Photo of a power supply would be nice. Nice job! </p>
<p>on my summer list of things to do. good job!</p>
<p>What is the limiting factoring in expanding the build plate on a machine like this? It seems like all dlp printers have 4x6 inch build plates or smaller. Is that a resolution limitation of the projectors or something else?</p>
<p>The factor it is the minimal focus distance of the projector and the power of the light at any given distance.</p>
<p>So is it possible to get a build plate of say 12x12&quot; with one of these without spending thousands on a specialty projector? </p>
<p>and also i have started to make a BOM on thingiverse</p><p>hope you dont mind that</p>
<p>Thanks for the help. I will post it here and confirm if something is missing.</p>
<p>could you add the complete configuration.h file?</p>
<p>Hi Boelle11, </p><p>I just added it to step 29. </p>
<p>Not a free software package at US$495, but has a free trial here:</p><p>https://datatree3d.com/software/</p>
<p>Thanks,</p><p>I uploaded the version i have onto step 30.</p><p>Regards, <br></p>
<p>Nice design and Instructable!</p><p>I couldn't find the link to download Creation Workshop.</p><p>Is it still available somewhere?</p>
<p>Hi HaydnH, </p><p>I forgot, have a look at step 30, </p><p>i just uploaded the free version there.</p><p>regards, </p>

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