Picture of Roof Sketches for Cob Playhouse
As promised, here are some sketches and photos attempting to illustrate how the living roof was put together for the Cob Playhouse I posted last week: http://www.instructables.com/id/Naturally-Cool-Cob-Playhouse/
I also posted some sketches for the structure of the playhouse here: http://www.instructables.com/id/The-Structure-for-Cob-Playhouse/

This instructable is for the roof. I did not take any photos during construction, so I have tried to makes some sketches and provide some photos that will at least give you the basic idea.

*disclaimer: I am not a professional builder, artist, or construction worker. I apologize in advance for my crude sketches and even worse construction skills. This project was done using scrap wood, many peices were already cut, so I had to sort of jig-saw puzzle much of this together.

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Step 1:

Picture of
I am going to assume you already looked at the sketches from: http://www.instructables.com/id/The-Structure-for-Cob-Playhouse/?ALLSTEPS , which illustrate how I put togther the basic frame of the house.

The plywood was cut to match the angle of the roof, so I had to do some eye-balling and measuring to match the 2x4's to that angle.

The #2 sketch shows how I put those 2x4's on. Note on the photo how the edge of the 2x4's are slightly raised over the edge of the 2x6. The plywood that will be plased on top needs that, or there will be a bump from the corner of the 2x6.

Step 2: The Plywood

Picture of The Plywood
Okay, next step is to put the plywood on top of those 2x4's. The plywood extends over the 2x4's and will be supported by the frame around the edge. The more over-hang over your cob-structure, the better, to prevent water from soaking the cob during rainy season. The cob can handle wetness okay, but will last longer the more protected it is.

Note how the seam of my plywood peice will be in the middle of a 2x4.

If you wanted, you could go ahead and apply a coat of that roofing sealer/tar stuff to all of the seams, and let it dry.