Roof Table to Dine Open Air





Introduction: Roof Table to Dine Open Air

An half year ago we've renewed our windows. The new windows in the roof are much greater then the old once. Now it is not only possible for us to look out of the window, it was hypothetically possible to eat at the window.

With a cup of coffee a Idea was born. I need a table on the roof.

While creating the table I've noticed that it is also nice to sit on... My wife hated it, till she tried it by here self.

Step 1: Step by Step to the Steps

At first I've used some roof steps to create a base for the table. The steps are normally used to allow a chimney sweeper to reach the chimney.

As a traverse I've used some steal beams. To prevent everything from rust, I've painted all parts black (except the roof steps these parts are galvanized )

Step 2: Assembly Part One

It was quite hard to screw all the parts together, due to the gravity. I have lost at least 3 nuts. Then I've realized that duct tape will solve all your moving problems.

Step 3: The Table Top

I've used old wood from my neighbor.

What should I write here, you see everything on the photos.

Step 4: Assembly Part Two

The table top weights about 40Kg and it is also 3,5m long. So it was even harder to install.

To fixate the parts I've used some leftover steel parts.



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    Yes, I already had screwed some flowerpots made out of sheet metal onto the table. But it is important to use plants which are able to handle a lot of sunshine.