"Room-duino": controlling your home device from Internet, a home-brew Arduino solution

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I recently designed “Roomduino” to control electrical devices in my room from internet, it's a solution base on Arduino, I custom designed two boards for the small system, the first is a "network gate" board, which is like a hub or a master node, built by an Arduino compatible board and an ethernet board. the second board is a "network node" board, which is a electric switch board with 2.4GHz RF board for communication with "network gate", it controls electric switchs of your devices. A "network node" board must be fit into your electric socket, a DIY work is necessary in this step.

the hareware part of "Roomduino" is the most difficult part comparing other steps in this design.  I have described 3 alternative solutions here for your reference. in "hareware solution 1 and 2", you need to custom made PCB boards for the system. however, in "hardware solution 3", I used Microduino to build a "network gate", it's the simplest way to build your owner "master node". Microduino is a kind of very small Arduino compatible board and supplys a plenty of extension modules, you can just stack the boards together to build your own "homeduino", please check, or for details.

opensource codes are shared in this instructable.

My lamp, water machine, fans and curtain are connected to “Roomduino”, then I can use my cell phone or a webpage to remotely switch the devices, it’s really a cool experience.  

I've written up my method so people can make their own. 

1. Network Gate (Master)
• MCU: MEGA644PA (MEGA328PA is SRAM is not sufficient to support it)
• ETHERNET: ENC28J60,RJ45(HR911105A)
• WIRELESS 2.4G: nRF24L01
• DISPLAY: NOKIA5110 or OLED 12864
• REMOTE CONTROL: Infrared remote controller + infrared receiving head for remote control

2. Network Node (Slave node)
• MCU:MEGA328P or 168PA;
• WIRELESS 2.4G: nRF24L01;
• Electric relay, BT136, MOC3041;

3. a network router

4. a account for internet control (a public cloud service), yes, you can use other cloud servers as you like, please remember to revise the software accordingly.

5. Software: I put all source codes in github:

===========System Spec===========
• Infrared remote controll
• A RTC to schedule electrical switcher (electric relay)
• Remote controller via internet, support multiple control methods:
o Use webpage to control the system in LAN scope
o Use to control the system in WAN scope (internet)
• Currently, the system only can control four channels, because of the limitation of
1. Automatically time synchronization through network
3. 2.4G wireless controll
4. Allocate the I/O for DHT11,18B20

===========System  Limitation ===========
• Current "Roomduino" system only support Google Chrome in LAN wide, , it is because of the limitation of “jquery”, for security reason. Check more details in github documents (web.rar):

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kmanish8 months ago

Awesome. Is it possible to connect a cheap USB camera and give its feed live over internet with this solution ?

Onmt399 months ago
The is the name of the custom network gate?
You are great makermodule. Thank you so much for sharing.
makermodule (author) 1 year ago
get more information of Microduino here:
Leolite1 year ago
I have some microduino too!
They are really nice and small arduino boards
Leolite1 year ago
I have some microduino too!
They are really nice and small arduino boards