Picture of Roomba Tire from Oogoo
This instructable will show you how to replace a tire on an iRobot Roomba vacuum cleaner, using only household items. It is not meant as an expert's advice on casting, and there are probably many mistakes. The goal of this project was to replace a tire using only items that were available on-hand. If you don't have a house and kids, then you might not have everything you need (although it can all be easily obtained for little money).

For some reason, it appears that iRobot used two different rubber compounds on my Roomba 400 series vacuum. On one side, the tire has held up magnificently. The other side is as bald as [insert funny analogy here]. I'm not sure why.

It seems like the bald wheel has a softer rubber compound that shreds easily, leaving black rubber dust on the floor, mostly right near our one carpet - a small mat near the back door.

On top of that, it had a noticeable list to the left.

// if you're only interested in the process, and not the back-story, skip the rest of this step

Because I'm usually quite busy, I tried to do a quick-fix. I took a piece of bicycle inner-tube, and stretched it over the bald wheel. Then I swapped the drive wheels from either side, and stuck 'em back on the machine. (I thought that perhaps there was more of a frictional load on the left side wheel).

It seemed to work, because the tire wasn't shredding itself any more. Unfortunately, the drawbacks of this fix were brought up with a comment from my wife.

"What are these black marks all over the floor?"

Well, they seem to follow the pattern of some kind of automatic floor-cleaning apparatus with a limp. Yup, room-bot's spare tire was not up to the task.

However, he remained in this state for several months. Then came my wife's requested birthday gift - a stick vacuum that's really light and works pretty well. Also, it doesn't leave black tracks all over the floor.
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sirtom682 years ago
How has the recap held up?
jptrsn (author)  sirtom682 years ago
It held up better than the poor Roomba which had a glass of wine spilled on it. In fact, it seemed to wear better than the other tire!
Gujustud2 years ago
Impressive! ... and determined! :)
PS1183 years ago

I tried making a mould with polymer clay (Sculpey) to fill in some gaps. Where the oogoo touched my object it came out perfect, but wherever it touched the clay it left weird pits and also the clay bonded with the oogoo pretty bad.

I'll definitely heed jptrsn's advice and try some more kid-grade play-doh next time!