Picture of Roomba costume
Make a furry mouse costume for your Roomba.

1 yard 60 wide fake fur
1/4 yard pink felt
pink thread
brown thread
straight pins
2 2 pieces of sticky back velcro

Needle/thread/sewing machine
Measuring tape

Step 1: Measure Roomba

Picture of Measure Roomba
If you're being careful, use a measuring tape to get the diameter of your Roomba at its widest, and the height of your Roomba at its tallest. That way, your patterns are less seat-of-the-pants. I was not so careful, and just traced the patterns directly from the Roomba.
platdujour5 years ago
Rectifier6 years ago
My girlfriend already thinks the stock roomba is cute in its mousy movement... and calls it "Roomba" in the first person. I can't put a costume like this on it or it'll be too cute! Also, I was wondering if you covered the vacuum exhaust or if you left an undocumented hole for it? Wouldn't want people to cover that up...
egoodman (author)  Rectifier6 years ago
Oh, good question. I don't remember, and don't have the costume on hand to check. I didn't end up using the costume that much -- it was cute, yes, but kept falling off.
kfwickl7 years ago
This is adorable! And very clever!
Oh, I love this! When I get a Roomba I'm definitely making costumes for it. :D
I was expecting of costume to make you look like a Roomba, but this is way better. I just gotta ask, Does it only suck up cheese now?
Icearenna7 years ago
I just HAVE to make this! I have 8 cats! They love the Roomba - think they'll love it even more?
egreen7678 years ago
holy crap, thats funny! awesome though!
Morte_Moya8 years ago
That is GREAT!!! The first thing that popped into my head was a DRD too!!! I say go for it!!! Always nice to meet a fellow Scaper. Yes that is my tattoo. Its on the inside of my left wrist. LOL
Cyno019 years ago
Heh, im moving into a new place in a few weeks and am planning on getting a roomba. I was gonna paint it yellow and kitbash it into a DRD from farscape though.